Pages. However, you need adequate knowledge on the fundamentals of car audio equipment in order to make the right decisions and achieve your end goal. The package also has external crossovers and true 4-ohm architecture that uses a low-impedance voice coil that safely draws out extra power from your power source. The RMS power rating refers to the quantity of power a speaker can take continuously, while the Peak Power rating shows the amount of power the speaker can tolerate in short bursts. There are multiple high-quality speakers available in the market. What's the difference between the Infinity Primus and the Infinity Reference series home speakers? Score. Infinity Reference r152: Infinity's slightly higher end bookshelf reviewed, measured and compared It's no secret that the Infinity Primus line has been my preferred entry level speaker choice. In cars, 4-ohm speakers are the most compatible with car audio systems as they run on 12volts D.C. With 4-ohm speakers, car audio systems can comfortably pull sufficient power from a lower-voltage car audio amp. Car Audio Discussion. JavaScript is disabled. Link Infinity Speakers Audio on twitter. Product Name. When I turn the volume up, I blew a tweeter in one of my speakers. On the other hand, Infinity Reference car speakers also consist of true 4-ohm architecture technology that is suitable for use for both factory and aftermarket stereo audio systems. It also features uncommon sizes: 6 x 8 and 3.5 inches. Thread starter killeraxemannic; Start date Jun 11, 2014; Forums. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Component speaker system with two edge-driven textile dome tweeters, two Patented Plus One polypropylene woofers with hi-toll butyl rubber surround, and two external crossovers, 2.7-ohm impedance for extra power handling, Power handling of up to 80 watts RMS and 240 watts Peak Power, An excellent overall frequency range of 53 Hz – 20,000 Hz, A sensitivity range of 88dB at 2.83 volts, Reasonable price and easy to install as it has grilles and a comprehensive installation manual in its package, Crossover components contain lower end quality materials, High power handling of 90 watts RMS and 270 watts Peak Power per speaker, They have an adjustable tweeter level control to direct sound depending on the installation location and the listener’s preference, Great crossover circuitry that ensures exceptionally powerful and excellent sound quality, Its 2-way design is not upgradeable to a 3-way design. Would it ge worth it to upgrade to the Reference? As such, these speakers deliver a smooth and clear sound with better detail and depth. On sale, the deal is obviously better. Mar 7, 2006 #1 I need a better pair of speakers for my doors. If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call (800) 553-3332 for assistance. It is the measurement of how efficiently speakers convert power (watts) into volume (decibels). VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As a result, the Infinity Reference series delivers better sound quality than Primus speakers. Install Infinity's Primus PR5010cs 5-1/4" component speaker system and say goodbye to the uninspired vocals, muddy cymbals, and flabby bass of your factory sound. However, JBL’s speakers are superior in terms of versatility – the majority of their speakers are compact, waterproof, Bluetooth speaker systems, as opposed to the majority of Infinity’s which mainly revolve around the car stereo sphere. Due to their superb sound and competitive pricing, Infinity Reference Ref-6530cx is one of the most popular Infinity speakers available in the market. All vehicle speakers require a power source, an amp or receiver, to operate. Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2006 - 15:46 GMT . It would probably be more fair of a match with the Infinity Alpha 50s against the Polk RTi10s (which I think the Rti10s are better by far). I realize the JBLs are normally quite a bit more expensive but wasn't sure how price related to quality in terms of these speakers. Mar 14, 2012 94 0 Colorado. Infinity Kappa vs. Alpine Type-R- Which car speakers convey better audio quality? Comparing Infinity Primus PR6500cs and Infinity Reference X REF-6500cx? The speakers also contain edge-driven textile tweeters for wider thigh frequency dispersion and minimal sound distortion at high volumes. Here’s how they revolutionize the industry. Rank . These American manufacturers of audio devices have a well-known reputation of producing audio packages for a wide selection of audio applications, including in-wall home speakers, marine applications, and multichannel surround-sound home theatre packages, among many others. Source: Amazon. This Primus polypropylene woofer delivers solid, punchy bass, thanks to Infinity's proprietary Plus One+ woofer design. In this article review, we aim to provide you with adequate insight on the best Infinity Primus and Reference speakers available in the market. Feb 3, 2006 53 0 Jax,FL. What's the difference between the Infinity Primus and the Infinity Reference series home speakers? Speakers. Often, we measure sensitivity by driving a speaker with one watt and measuring its loudness in decibels at one meter. 9.5 . Built like a ton of bricks. Now, I have been looking at the various Infinity products, and can't really figure out the difference between the Reference and Kappa series. Similarly, a speaker with low impedance is like a big pipe that allows more electric current flow through it. Firstly, Infinity supplies speakers to an expansive range of markets: Infinity Kappa 64CFX 4x6″ Review. Rank . The optimal frequency range for human hearing is 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz. The Best Infinity Primus Vs Reference of 2019 – Reviews and Top Rated from Best Brands. The higher the sensitivity rating of an audio device, the louder it plays with a specific amount of amplified wattage. I read some great reviews on both the infinity reference 6012si 6 1/2 speakers and the polk db650 6 1/2, both are 2-way. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Our Virginia-based experts can help you find the best gear. 2 or more of these and a decent subwoofer will get you performance that many big "full-range" speakers can't achieve regardless of price. The Infinity Primus 150 is a very high quality speaker even at its regular price of $99. 21,717 Reviews Scanned by Raise5 AI. These 3-ohm speakers combine with your car’s speaker wire to deliver actual 4-ohm impedance, allowing you to get a little more volume from your audio system. Infinity Primus car speakers? Stereophile liked those.Infinity Primus 360 loudspeaker My rule of thumb is to get to a clearly better class of speaker you should spend 2-3 times as much. Get FREE 2-day shipping and free lifetime tech support with your order. For instance, cars with low-powered systems, like those with 2-5 watts RMS, do not require speakers that tolerate a high amount of power. On the other hand, sensitivity may also be measured by driving a speaker with 2.83 volts for one meter. In line with this, he is developing a community outreach program, potentially dubbed ‘Cars for change'. I own the Primus series. HARMAN Infinity Reference Series Loudspeakers 9 new speaker models for flexible system configurations Flat-piston midrange drivers in R263 and R253 floor … The Infinity Primus P363 is a 3-way floorstanding speaker featuring dual 6.5” MMD woofers, a dedicated 4” MMD midrange and a ¾” MMD dome tweeter. Are they still being made? On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Klipsch RB-81 II are more popular speakers, based on their reviews. So when the opportunity came to get a pair of Infinity's higher end Reference speakers for a reasonable price, I jumped on it. Lower powered vehicle sound systems (those that generate 15 watts RMS per channel or less) should have speakers with a high sensitivity rating of 90dB and above. There are numerous aftermarket speaker solutions available in the market. My infinity alphas sound better than my Polk R series but that's not fair because it's not a fair match in terms of price point and product level. The frequency response of a speaker refers to the highest and lowest frequencies from which it emits sound. A speaker’s sensitivity informs you of the amount of volume that a speaker produces with a given amount of power. He believes that cars can provide a constructive and fun opportunity to teach the youth important life skills. Infinity Primus and Reference car speakers are both excellent aftermarket speaker options that improve the sound quality in your vehicle. Infinity has a history of making exceptional car speakers. Tweeter looks really nice, Infinity says it's an aluminum dome that has had a thick anodized coating to the front and the back, but it looks like it's been painted. Infinity Primus car speakers contain true ohm architecture with minimal impedance voice coils, which are virtually compatible with all aftermarket or factory car stereos. Are Infinity car speakers good? The human ear cannot detect these ultra-high frequencies, but such high frequencies contain harmonics that can affect the way listeners perceive sound and its nuances. It allows easy adjustment of the tweeter output from zero to three decibels, optimizing the system’s linearity to suit the listener’s preference or installation location. That's a plastic bezel with a tweeter exp… You can find many Infinity products installed in Hyundai, Kia, Chrysler, and Mitsubishi vehicles. The ultimate decision is in your hands as both car speakers come with their unique set of specifications and benefits. The company was started in 1986 in America and today, they are a part of the Harman International Industries. I was wondering which one would be the best with a … The car audio industry has evolved tremendously over the past few years. The Infinity Primus line is my personal favorite budget offering. Sensitivity ratings are an essential consideration when purchasing Bluetooth speakers, subwoofers, and soundbars. As such, Infinity Reference speakers are most compatible with high-powered car systems while its Primus series are more suitable with low-powered vehicle systems. However, I prefer to upgrade the sound system in my cars for a better audio experience that suits my unique sound quality needs. Pioneer BS22 vs Infinity Primus p153 @1m 1/12 smoothing. Car Audio Discussion. Steven Reilly is a qualified mechanic and his passion for cars goes beyond just the technical aspects. The Infinity Reference X series has all the common speaker sizes: 6 x 9, 6.5 and 5.25 inches. Infinity Reference 6532IX Review. Theresa. So Infinity Primus P363 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Infinity Reference 253, as seen on the chart below. The bigger a pipe is, the more the amount of water that will easily flow through it. Major differences between Infinity Primus and Infinity Reference Speakers. On the other hand, high-0powered car systems with powerful amplifiers or receivers require car speakers with a high RMS rating, preferably those with a rating close to the amps’ output rating. Score . I utlimately got Infinity Primus - which is "supposed" to sound like reference series - and yes it did. Infinity vs polk: Need help deciding . Generally, impedance refers to the opposition exhibited by a particular audio device to the A.C. current. They have several models on the market, though most belong to the brand’s “reference series”. The new Reference Series speakers represent something of a rebirth of the Infinity line, a colossal step up from the low-priced Primus speakers that the company's been pushing lately.

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