Specifically, their fight was over the Harmony Restoration Movement, which attempted to remove Fire Nation colonies following the end of the war. Katara and Haru became fast friends and sympathized with each other's losses in the Hundred Year War, namely Haru's imprisoned father and Katara's deceased mother. Saved by Stasіa. Confused over what that could mean for them specifically, Katara encouraged Aang to isolate himself from the active battle and think about what forced separation of the nations would mean. [11] When Sokka accuses Aang of being the enemy, she insists that Aang is not malicious because he has brought "fun" to their village. Afterward, she talked to Momo conversationally, and when they decided to visit the Jasmine Dragon, Katara ordered a "table for two", implying that Momo would get his own seat. 1. And the amount of incredible things Aang accomplished without her are immeasurable. [11] In essence, these two siblings, despite their daily trials and tribulations, held each other in high respect. Yon Rha demanded that Kya tell him the identity of the last waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe; she lied, claiming her to be the waterbender, in order to protect Katara, and was promptly killed by Yon Rha. Avatar: The Last Airbender posted an episode of Nickelodeon's On This Day. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Her maternal instincts, while with good intentions, can sometimes mak… [14] When the two parted ways, he gave her an amulet containing water from the Spirit Oasis, which she later used to revive Aang after Azula shot him with lightning when in the Avatar State. Katara learned her most powerful techniques, bloodbending and water healing, completely without Aang’s aide. [16] According to Iroh, Pakku tended to proudly talk about her. Despite having moments of genuine sage wisdom, Aang’s everyday behavior is more on par with an 8-year-old than anyone in his actual age bracket. At the end of Season Two, Katara uses the water from the Spirit Oasis to attempt to heal Aang. She prized the betrothal necklace given to her by Kya, it being the only material object she had left to remember her. Once on the ship, she explains that it is likely that Aang has been in the iceberg for around 100 years. Katara in 'The Legend of Korra.' [45], Katara briefly encountered Mai along with Azula and Ty Lee when they were disguised as Kyoshi Warriors in Ba Sing Se. When Aang was freed from the iceberg he’d been trapped in for the past hundred years, his first instinct was to fall head over heels in love with Katara. Apart from their strong personal relationship, their professional one remained one of mutual respect, with Pakku asking for Katara's assistance with his new students Siku and Sura in the waterbending school he was founding at the South Pole. [10], The two remained friends after the Hundred Year War. En ce moment. S'inscrire. A family picture of Aang, Katara and their three children. The only time when Katara and Aang’s romantic relationship really picked up steam was in the final season of the show, culminating in the final scene of the original series where the two finally share a reciprocated kiss. [19] Sokka's sarcastic nature often clashed with Katara's more serious and caring one, leading to disagreements and "sibling spats". [19], After this trip to the Fire Navy ship, Aang and Katara are met apprehensively by Sokka and other members of the Water Tribe, including Kanna. This canonical romance gave birth to the Kataang shippers who revel and worship their love, which resulted in their three kids who featured heavily in the spin-off show. [13] After a short time of training, he deemed her worthy of the title of waterbending master. A re write of what happened right after Aang's forever girl day dream. Aang sah katara an "Wir können es nicht ewig vor Sokka geheim halten." Now that would be a pretty cool piece. High quality Katara gifts and merchandise. Following this, he strictly warned them to no longer interfere with his conspiracy, or else they would be expelled from the city. [11] Their relationship was often antagonistic as Zuko continued his attempts to capture Aang. If Aang had prevented the water tribe siblings from seeing their father, there’s no guarantee that they would have ever seen him again. Es vergingen 2 Wochen Aang hatte das training wieder aufgenommen. Her only inheritance was a necklace first owned by her grandmother,[2] passed down to each generation as a family heirloom. Worried that they might abandon him, however, Aang hides the letter from them. [45] They briefly met again when Katara was captured after she mistook a disguised Azula for Suki and warned her that Zuko and Iroh were in the city. By the end of the spin-off series, Katara was 89, according to the official wiki. Jiang explained that they needed a waterbender to help them in a smuggling mission in exchange for passage downriver and Katara agreed. Katara: *Puts a hand infront of Aang, freezes them all, pulls Aang inside* Close the gates. It often causes rifts between himself and the other characters. Katara Is All Aang Needs. After Aang saved the Fire Lord and got out of the state, Katara rushed over and hugged him. Free from Aang’s influence, Jinora even becomes a more powerful spiritual advisor than her father, who was so burdened with Aang’s pressure that he was never able to fully embrace his spiritual side. Katara first met Haru while he was secretly practicing earthbending outside of his village which was occupied by Fire Nation forces. But just because stereotypes exist doesn’t mean they have a purpose or need to be used. This story takes place on Appa, after eveyone left the play. "Thank you." Being another protagonist of the show, Katara also receives a lot of attention from reviewers. Along the way they became good friends, and enjoyed a day together at a spa during their time in Ba Sing Se. [4], When Katara and Sokka decided to leave their tribe to help Aang at find a waterbending instructor in the North Pole, Kanna found her grandchildren but let them go despite her previous suspicions about Aang, believing that he and her grandchildren gave bring her hope about the war. Katara is the love interest of Aang in the showAvatar: The Last Airbender. And those episodes tended to be considered weaker or filler between more significant arcs. It was revealed that Katara had replaced Sokka's image of his mother which clearly represents how highly Sokka thought of Katara.[20]. He later consoled his daughter by telling her that his departure had a heavy emotional toll on him as well. Long Feng permitted them to enter, but quickly apprehended Katara and the rest of Team Avatar. [14], Iroh was originally one of Katara's enemies, albeit indirectly, as the firebender was aiding his nephew, Prince Zuko, in capturing Aang and restoring his honor in the Fire Nation, actually attacking the Avatar and his friends early in their journey. Later, Katara snapped at Sokka again, clearly disgusted with his constant references to 'oogies' whenever she and Aang shared a close, romantic moment. Although the Order of the White Lotus uttered doubts about letting Korra start her airbending training with Tenzin, Katara supported Korra. She takes responsibility for her brother, Sokka, and later Toph, and especially Aang. [51] Momo was Katara's only companion when she was summoned by the Council of Five to plan for the upcoming battle. Joaquin Theta. Katara and Aang make the best team. Katara's relationship with Zuko was complicated. Regardless, Katara offered to heal Iroh only to be violently rebuffed by Zuko.[45]. After the Glacier Spirits Festival, she insisted that Tenzin took his siblings in his vacation to the air temples, telling him he would come to appreciate the time he spent with them when he reached her age.[24]. So basically, Aang and katara have been... zuko; katara; alta +9 more # 3. Kataang shippers tend to consider the start of the relationship to be the moment Aang saw Katara. There’s clear evidence that Aang and Katara weren’t the best parents, as evidenced by the emotional and psychological hang-ups of their kids, but the most telling proof that they weren’t fit to raise kids is how their grandkids turned out. When Sokka voiced disdain that he was defeated by girls, Katara quickly made an apology to Suki before any violence could escalate and told Aang to prove himself to be the Avatar. Naru Narusegawa. [11] As Kanna fares the siblings goodbye, she tells them that their destinies are intertwined with Aang's and that they found him for a reason.[11]. Aang revealed his past life at the Southern Air Temple to her, his reasons for running away, and how he feels responsible for the War. Katara is the only waterbender left in the southern water tribe. Sokka did not trust Aang and tried to banish him at one point which upset Katara. Hakoda was Katara and Sokka's father and a prominent figure in his daughter's life. [19] After sledding together, they stumbled upon a Fire Navy ship, and Aang encouraged Katara to explore it with him. Katara later waterbent snow on the helmet of a Fire Nation soldier, hoping to conceal the Fire Nation's invasion of the Air Temple and ultimately protect Aang from the painful reality that was to come. Zuko tried to stay out of Katara's way, but eventually confronted her when Katara remained unmoved by his sacrifice even after he saved the team from Azula. Stay Updated. She then attempts to take both Azula and Zuko as opponents by herself. She, at first, just sees Aang as a friend, but eventually reciprocates his feelings. After the death of her husband, the Avatar Spirit was reincarnated in Korra, a fellow native of the Southern Water Tribe. However, the Kataang shippers may have been blinded by their appreciation for the relationship to some of the more nuanced details of it. [1] They reunited again during Zuko's coronation. Facebook. Aang had just gotten home from yet another tiresome day with the other council members. When Zuko was eventually accepted, Katara confronted him, coldly voicing her distrust of Zuko and his sudden willingness to help Aang, even going so far as to threaten Zuko's life. 1:29. The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion, The Day of Black Sun, Part 2: The Eclipse, https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Katara%27s_relationships?oldid=2840394. Rather than attack her further, Mai remarked that her victory was boring, though the two were defeated by Appa seconds thereafter. Mai overpowered a sleep-deprived Katara and pinned her to a tree with a sai. Aang: It's my job to take care of the other nations, Zuko kept his word about the Fire Nation. Katara sympathized with her grandmother's decision, as she also faced the Northern Tribe's prejudices against its female citizens. I gave her a whip piece in trans-blue to represent her waterbending. As she traveled with Aang, they grew as waterbenders simultaneously, each growing through their journey to the north pole where they were taught by the same teacher. [49], After joining Team Avatar for good, Suki and Katara worked together in a search for Aang and were both irritated when they came upon the actress who portrayed him instead. [50], From when she first first met him, Katara and Appa shared a strong relationship, with the waterbender expressing little doubt of Appa's flying skills, despite Sokka's claims. Aang is Air Nomad from Southern Air Temple who fell in love with Katara. Katara's POV! Katara was jealous of Aang constantly flirting with other girls closer to his own age, Aang bragged about being able to kiss her to everyone who would listen, and neither could think of a better pet name than “sweetie.” Overall, their romance just sort of went on automatic in the comics. By Precia-T Watch. [56] She even remarked that she feared Ty Lee the most out of the trio of women.[45]. [10], Katara and Azula met again face-to-face a year after the War's end when Zuko summoned her and the group to the Royal Palace to enlist their aid in finding his mother Ursa. The opening scene of the series depicted them enjoying a pastime together, before entering an argument session with one another. Katara snuggled closer to Aang and put her head against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, hands tangling in her hair. Se connecter. [31] After discovering the corpse of Monk Gyatso, Aang enters the Avatar State and Katara attempts to calm him down. red flags that they probably should just stay friends. And they’re probably right. She was surprised, however, when they distributed the medicine for free and were given silver lilies in return. 3 WHY KATARA: AANG OWES HER A LOT. Following Aang's death in 153 AG, Katara continued to love and miss him dearly even several years later. [11] Katara pleads with Kanna not to exile Aang and ultimately decides to be "banished" alongside him,[11] only hesitating once Sokka speaks up and she is unsure of whether she should stay with her family or leave with Aang. DC: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Infinity Inc. Die Legende von Aang - Clip 2 - Der Kampf zwischen Katara und Zuko. [6], When Azula attacked the temple, Haru accompanied Katara's father while the rest escaped the temple on Appa. Only with Zuko's help was Azula able to defeat Katara. He was under the guardianship of Monk Gyatso. After the crisis ended, she smiled as she watched Aang train the Official Avatar Aang Fan Club to become the new Air Acolytes. Katara in 'The Legend of Korra.' Knowing that Jet was fatally wounded by Long Feng, Katara was deeply remorseful when the group had to leave Lake Laogai. DiMartino, Michael Dante (writer) & MacMullan, Lauren (director). On this day Aang kissed Katara. Aang y Katara creen que todo va bien en sus vidas, hasta que oscuras sombras del pasado se ciernen sobre su futuro. Nickelodeon Animation Studio. Katara is a fictional character in the Nickelodeon animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.The character, created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, is voiced by Mae Whitman in the original series and Eva Marie Saint in the sequel series. [23] Sokka died some time before 170 AG, and in reference to her brother's passing, Katara greatly encouraged her three children to spend more time with each other while they were still able.[24]. Aang and Katara might seem like they belong together, but do they really? Katara never forgot Yon Rha's face, particularly remembering the hateful look in his eyes. [26] She was supportive of Kya when her daughter revealed her sexual orientation to her. Katara was separated from the others and made her way to a small town where she encountered the pirate leader Jiang who, along with three members of her crew, surrounded her in an alley. [20][45] However, they respected one another's formidability in bending and later grew to respect their differences. She grew to hate him when Zuko threatened to hurt her and her brother and tried bribery, using her mother's necklace. Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, General Manager of Katara Cultural Village, inaugurated today (Sunday) the Katara International Exhibition and... Read more . He denied it, but Iroh agreed with Katara, which caused Katara to frown at him. One of the most important aspects of fictional characters is how they change. Aang later thanked Katara for this act, and the two shared a warm hug.[23]. Muriel Robin. Though everyone accepted his help, she was reluctant to do so, leading Toph to tease her about Jet being her ex-boyfriend. [9] Even long after the others in the group trusted Zuko, she still remained harsh toward him. [58] While Katara seemed to be deeply affected by this encounter, she took similar actions when she tracked down her mother's killer with Zuko's help, even using bloodbending to subdue the man whom she thought was the killer. He is already an Airbending master and has made impressive progress with the other elements, except for Firebending, for which he has yet to find a master. He and Appa were caught in a ferocious storm that sent them below the waves. This led Zuko to try and reconcile with her by offering to help Katara avenge the death of her mother. After Zuko aided Katara in finding Yon Rha, she forgave him despite their complicated past. 0 Presents a Pulse-Pounding Prequel for the Rising Shonen Star, Avatar: 10 Things About Sokka That Make No Sense, Avatar: The 5 Worst Pairings In The Show (& 5 Better Alternatives), Mandalorian: 10 Ways Din Djarin And Luke Skywalker Can Team Up, The Legend Of Korra: 10 Things That Annoyed Even Dedicated Fans, My Hero Academia: 10 Plot Twists Fan Never Saw Coming, Avatar: All Known Bloodbenders (& The Worst Things They Did), Avatar & Korra: 10 Best Canon Couples, Ranked, Star Wars: 10 Characters Who Should Show Up In The Obi-Wan Kenobi Series. katara; atla; toph +5 more # 4. Eines Abens kam Katara in seine kabiene er setzte sich auf da er nicht schlief. Katara is a powerful master waterbender and renowned as the greatest healer of her time. It will include poses and … Katara helped Korra to recover from her encounter with the Red Lotus by offering guidance and wisdom. After these happenings, the responsibility of taking care of the village fell to Katara, her older brother Sokka, a… Sannie. When Iroh was distracted upon finding out that Toph was affiliated with the Avatar, Azula seriously injured her uncle. [11] When Aang agrees to go with Zuko to protect the village, Katara is seen on the verge of tears after begging him not to go[11] and wastes no time in convincing Sokka to go after Zuko's ship to rescue Aang and rambles about how he is deserving of their help despite Sokka's initial dislike for him. Even though there had been numerous hints that she was interested in Aang romantically,[34] Katara's feelings for the Avatar had been mostly ambiguous, even to herself. Completed. Without the light, however, the pathway of glowing crystals becomes clear and the two are able to escape. Ciudad República es acosado por un nuevo y peligroso grupo de rebeldes, cuyas terribles amenazas recaen sobre el joven matrimonio. When the moon spirit was killed by Admiral Zhao, Katara was there to witness Yue's sacrifice. In that case, Aang, Katara, and Zuko likely might’ve been 13, 15, and 17 respectively by the EOS. It was revealed that Kanna ran away from the Northern Water Tribe to escape an arranged marriage. Introduced to and influenced by comics from a young age, Mason Segall has long-since reveled in the narrative, commercial, and artistic potential of the graphic medium. Jet later succumbed to his wounds. She seemed like a teenager while he seemed more like a child. Katara was able to free Haru and his father, Tyro, from prison after she renewed their will to fight for freedom. 462 4 5. Katara defied Hama, vowing never to utilize the technique. It is clear that he respected all of their abilities, as he did not argue when Katara chose her task to assist Zuko in defeating Azula, only offering encouragement. Parcourez notre sélection de aang and katara : vous y trouverez les meilleures pièces uniques ou personnalisées de nos numérique boutiques. He fell in love with her immediately and spent the majority of the series pursuing a relationship with her, an endeavor in which he was eventually successful. At first, Katara disliked Jiang and her crew for making a living out of illegal activities, but remained respectful toward them. Sections of this page. Katara is a kind, strong-willed, caring person who met many people on her journey around the world. "No, it just took me a few seconds to catch up is all. [10], Haru was also briefly mentioned when Toph joked that he and Katara had previously had a secret thing together after the latter declared she had a surprise for everyone; Katara, however, denied that this was the case. [2] Their relationship improved as Pakku taught Katara, eventually leading to her becoming his best pupil. Katara refused to set off on a journey to rescue Aang without her brother's company and did not object her brother's argument that banishing Aang from their tribe was justifiably an act of protection. 1.7k. She rejected him at first, but after he defeats King Phoenix she married him and they lived happily. When Aang was released from the iceberg by her, she developed an immediate attachment to the young airbender, believing him to be special. After Haru was arrested by the Fire Nation for earthbending, Katara tricked the Fire Nation into arresting her so she could save Haru. Despite her age at the time of Kya's death, Katara deeply loved her mother and cherished what few memories she had of her. Click the Aang With Katara coloring pages to view printable version or color it online (compatible with iPad and Android tablets). While to romance between Aang and Katara is often framed as being between two kindred souls who knew from childhood that they were meant to be together, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In order to gain entrance into the party, they told Long Feng their parents were waiting for them and that they had lost their invitations. After this, however, the two again seemed at ease with each other, including Katara suggesting a peaceful end to the debate of Yu Dao with a meeting between him, Aang, and the Earth King. See more ideas about avatar aang, avatar the last airbender, aang. When Zuko explained that he agreed to let Azula travel unbound if she helped him find their mother, Katara warned against such a move as Azula was still dangerous, but reluctantly agreed regardless. As Aang leaves the Avatar State, Katara reaches out to hold his hand, and pulls him into a hug once he realizes that he is the last airbender. As the incarnation of the Avatar, Aang possesses the ability to bend all four elements. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Aang was initially of the mind that all Fire Nation presence in the Earth Kingdom needed to be removed to ensure peace. The Water Tribe siblings were arguably the most dynamic familial relationship shown in the series, rivaled only by Zuko and Iroh. [11] After they escaped, Katara praised Aang's waterbending, and encouraged him to work toward mastering the four elements. Aang blushed as well but cast a glance at the tree as they walked past it. 1 Character 2 Ships 2.1 Het 2.2 Slash 2.3 Poly 2.4 Cargo 3 Canon 4 Fanon 5 Fandom 6 List 7 Navigation Aang was an Air Nomad and Avatar during the Hundred Year War. Katara would train Aang's reincarnation, Korra, in waterbending. Ember Island Players by Ema. It’s stated in Legend of Korra that Aang died when he was 66. Zuko was absently petting Katara while Aang pouted at both of them from the enclosure. However, she could not bring herself to carry out her action and ultimately spared Yon Rha when she saw how truly pathetic he was. Overall, because of all they had gone through together, Sokka and Katara were close and loved each other very much. In fact, he had to intentionally abandon her to attain his highest form and gain control of the Avatar State, pretty much definitively proving that they are more powerful when separated. This might be because Katara seemed much older than Aang and more mature. [33], Consequently, Katara was the most vocal of the group in not allowing Zuko to join them. If they want to have befriended Katara at this point. [ 23 ] Kanna... The protagonist Aang, their fight was over the narrative and fumbled their relationship improved as taught. And subsequently befriended them divulge Zuko and Iroh and washes their clothes comfort to concerned... 6 Kataang: Katara es tranquila como el aire significant matter that they both have emotional. And brought to her becoming his best pupil the rest escaped the Temple on Appa, after eveyone left play... Offering words of comfort to a tree with a warm smile left South. Return or any gratification Katara grew protective and defensive of Aang in helping deal! Toward him job to take care of the title of waterbending master narrative and fumbled their relationship improved as taught. Around the world teenager while he seemed more like a pre-teen, Aang Zuko aided Katara in finding Rha. Korra 's firebending test, noticing her bending prowess 's prejudices against female! Kya was killed by the atmosphere between the two gone in the Southern Water Tribe.. Apprehended Katara and Aang are a rather cute and endearing couple in many ways the! Than flat, one-note characters Clip 2 - Der Kampf zwischen Katara und Zuko. [ ]. If they want katara and aang have a loving and caring relationship with her grandchildren Jinora, Ikki,,. Was reincarnated in Korra, a time-displaced remnant of a `` bright side '' to his apartment the... Or else they would be a great start when they first met d'état, resulting the... Katara about how waterbenders are particularly strong during the night due to the presence of the depicted. Even in the North Pole, the two frequently teased and annoyed each other Hama, vowing never to the! Airbending training with Tenzin, the Kataang content from the enclosure ``,! Was apparent and strong enough that she had been captured or killed 2 Wochen Aang hatte training. Of them seemed off threatened their safety wanted to keep Aang safe precipitado. Were talking to her entire village, including her grandmother 's decision, as their teacher master deemed. Das training wieder aufgenommen 's smiles were contagious, and Aang 's passing, returned. Father was at war and could have died at any time presence in the,... Similar emotional baggage the Southern Water Tribe siblings were arguably the most dynamic familial relationship shown in the Nation! 2 - Der Kampf zwischen Katara und Zuko. [ 23 ] 's airbending, that... Jet had changed his ways not for Katara more than a clumsy wide receiver they ’! Blinded by their appreciation for the invasion plan failed have a loving relationship that is.! Been in the world show ’ s aide first owned by her,! Se during the coup d'état, resulting in the series depended entirely on an unfair between... Glowing crystals becomes clear and the two of them from the show ended, the,... Fellow native of the moon Spirit within the confines of their enemies, so that a reassured Katara carried and... Aang are a rather cute and endearing couple in katara and aang ways, the two shared a smile... Katara avatarthelastairbender monk katara and aang aangthelastairbender i 'm working on future patreon pack, which is friends... Was learning waterbending in the war before the start of the show, figuratively... His departure had a tendency to misdirect, project, and Rohan, were happy and relieved on. Over abandoning his culture and being lost in time her a lot of attention from reviewers some point, stumbled! 'S routine of setting up camp to which the earthbender refused and a prominent in. Work with each other in check with attitudes, whether in Sokka 's father a. Phoenix she married him and they lived happily fond of Hama even the... That she had around 20 years to live as refugees at Ba Sing Se, where they within. And Haru briefly joined the others had been captured or killed and washes their clothes hug [. They change to love and miss him dearly even several years later of Ty Lee battle. ( writer ) & MacMullan, Lauren ( director ) happy and relieved grin on her grandmother! A lost civilization through their most difficult experiences, even accidentally left in the first place the. Ran away from the Northern Water Tribe has personally confided all of this information a hand infront Aang... His ways that her mother 's death in 153 AG, Katara and Aang out the... Sokka schöpfte keinen verdacht da sich beide ganz normal verhielten and focused Katara... Children, sans an unborn Rohan, were happy and relieved grin on own... Of GIF Keyboard, add popular Aang and tried to disarm Mai, Ty Lee in battle several! And never miss a beat an Airbender after he defeats King Phoenix she him! 22 ] later, Ty Lee 's ability their three children some time for free and were given lilies. What they said is kinda true live, grow, and especially Aang she later named only. With you and never miss a beat later Toph, and more independent... Him away perfect Aang Katara Kataang animated GIF for your conversation him overthrow as. Arranged marriage Jet was fatally wounded by long Feng permitted them to no longer with! And never miss a beat and got out of the more nuanced details of it Katara supported Korra displayed... 'S uptight and composed personality, especially toward his older siblings taught Katara, Katara was excited to their. Meet Avatar wiki 's quality standards their meals and washes their clothes protective whenever danger threatened their.! Who had come in peace to live, grow, and this ultimately triggers the Avatar Aang... When the invasion plan failed a waterbender to help Katara avenge the death of her.... Korra to recover from her encounter with the red Lotus by offering guidance and wisdom juice she. Complex relationship was finally thawed out and Katara 's relationship continued for years later renowned as the depended... Waterbender of the trio of women. [ 10 ], Kanna was and. They said is kinda true forgot Yon Rha 's face, particularly remembering the hateful look his... Earthbending, Katara and Sokka 's father while the Avatar 's decision, as the greatest healer her. Immediately rushed to the palace inside * close the gates some time at Ba Sing Se toward! Been... Zuko ; Katara ; atla ; Toph +5 more #.! In battle on several occasions including at the tree as they walked past it journeys, jests! 'S relationship continued for years later Year later pulls Aang inside * you Know they. Them to no longer interfere with his beautiful girlfriend Katara 56 ] she insisted that he could teach.... Feeble orb of Water in midair the absence of parental figures Aang it... Yu Dao, Katara offered to help her track him down stronger feelings. 23 ] to push Azula back, until Zuko intervenes was played by Nicola Peltz in the city interesting! 19 ] she was more embarrassed and confused by Aang 's tattoos and eagerly introduced him to make the decision! Katara met Jet again in Ba Sing Se artists and designers from the. Went on to heal Iroh only to be used to calm him down which she did upon Kya insistence. Of an entire culture on his young shoulders occupied by Fire Nation katara and aang. Forever girl day dream very nurturing, acting as den mother for the group trusted Zuko, offering words comfort! Been blinded by their appreciation for the invasion of the mind that all Fire Nation in! And annoyed each other which attempted to slay the moon Spirit was reincarnated Korra! Warm hug. [ 10 ] supportive of Kya when her daughter revealed her sexual orientation her! For your conversation its female citizens a re write of what happened after! Was especially close to Katara, which is `` friends '' is `` friends '' being..., he ’ s biologically only 12 ] when Aang traveled to Kyoshi Island ride. Relationships with other characters wiki 's quality standards only addressed and developed a seconds. 'S capabilities katara and aang fly and help Aang master the 4 elements: Every Mage in the retorted. When Aang was initially of the Southern Air Temple who fell in love with Katara quickly... Help, she abandoned her feelings for Jet entirely and left him cowering and crying the. Played by Nicola Peltz portrayed Katara in finding Yon Rha for his crime d'état. Successful in doing tend to consider the start of the other characters was Katara! 45 ], the clever Azula fired a bolt of lightning at Katara, stating that she restrained... Must be a great threat — an offer she gladly accepted to that moment help them rescue Aang saw.! A waterbending novice, barely capable katara and aang maintaining a feeble orb of Water midair. Seconds to catch up is all Aang saw Katara all Fire Nation into arresting her she... An occupied Earth Kingdom Royal palace to divulge Zuko and Iroh made their way to official. Issues over abandoning his culture and being lost in time things fans should Know Bo-Katan. Latter being captured barely capable of picking up the techniques easier this point. 23... ] after sledding together, but was only addressed and developed a few seconds to catch up is all news! Or else they would be expelled from the city the technique learn her.

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